Falcon GT's Sailing Route


Our voyage is going to consist of two main legs.  The first is from New York City, USA to Cape Town, South Africa.  From Cape Town we will the sail the second leg to Melbourne, Australia.  Before we leave from New York, however, we have to get the boat from Oakville, Ontario, Canada.  So in the early morning of October 14, 2008 we will slip out of Bronte Harbour and cross Lake Ontario to the Oswego Canal in New York State.  This canal will connect us to the Erie Canal where we will head east towards Albany and the Hudson River.  Once on the Hudson we head south to New York City where we will stay until the first week of November.  For an overview of the canal system click here

The beginning of November marks the end of hurricane season and what an active season it has been.  So with the weather on our side we plan to leave New York on Saturday, November 1 (in nautical circles it is bad luck to set sail on a Friday).  We will sail east along latitude 350 N, as this is where the northwest winds prevail in November.  After meridian 450 W has been crossed, the boat will gradually turn southeastward into the horse latitudes passing close to the west of the Cape Verde Islands so that latitude 50 N is crossed near the 250 W.  This is where we hope to meet up with the southeast trade winds.  Crossing the equator will happen between longitudes 250 W and 290 W.  It is here that we will have to deal with the doldrums and may have to rely on diesel instead of wind.  Our route will continue southeast through the horse latitudes in the southern hemisphere until latitude 350 S where the rest of the passage to Cape Town will be sailed.  It is anticipated that this leg will take about 8 weeks.  

Leaving Cape Town we will sail south southeast until the latitude 400 S is reached then head east towards Melbourne.  This latitude is known as the Roaring Forties due to the winds which routinely blow at gale force winds and we are anticipating an exciting ride.  It is anticipated that this log will take about 6 weeks.

Our planned path is based on Jimmy Cornell’s book World Cruising Routes.  However, we will be using a weather service to help us choose our optimum path.  Make sure you follow along on the Falcon GT blog as we will be updating our actual route daily.
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