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Traveling Australia

Its been about 7 weeks since my blue water adventure came to an end – it seems much longer then that. Since then I have been on the road exploring as much as I can of Australia. On March 12 I left for Peth and spend two week going seeing a tiny part of Western Australia.

For a photo essay of that trip so to my flickr site:


Next I spent 3 week driving around. I left Melbourne and drove along the Great Ocean road. Next come the Grampians followed by Adelaide. Then to the outback and a long drive to coober Pedy. I continued north to see Uluru. Back down again then headed east through the Flanders Ranges to Peterbourgh and Broken Hill. Heading East on the Barrier Highway I made my way to the Blue Mountains and the end of this leg of my trip. In all I drove more then 5,600 kms over 3 weeks

Photographs can be seen on my flickr site:


Currently I am hanging around Coffs Harbour resting and planning the last month of my visit.


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