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Sailing to Queen City Yacht Club

Preparation continues for the voyage to Australia. The development of an 8-week menu is underway and work continues on the boat. Friday afternoon we took a break with John, Doug and I sailing to Toronto Island. Winds were light when we left at 2:00 pm and the sail into Toronto was uneventful. John took a nap while Doug and I lounged on deck soaking up the sun and watching for other boats.

Queen City-2 

On our approach, under power, to the western gap of Toronto Harbour we sailed into some excitement. There was a stationary green sailboat in front of us, as we passed Doug asked if everything was ok. He responded that he had no gears. To make things worse’ he was drifting towards a rocky breakwater. John, Doug and I sprang into action getting ready to accept the towline the sailor on the disabled boat was preparing to throw us. By the time the line was secure the disabled boat was only few meters from disaster. We towed the functionless vessel into National Yacht Club and let loose the tow and head back on course once the man felt he could glide to his slip.

Queen City-3

The rest of the trip (and this story) was anticlimactic but enjoyable. By 7:30 pm we had traversed the western gap into Toronto Harbour and moored at the Queen City Yacht Club. After dinner we explored Ward Island, watched the sun go down over Toronto, and were entertained by the Toronto Island residence’s fire parade. The day ended with a beer at the yacht club.

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