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Bike Ride

It has been two days since I got home from sailing in the Ontario 300. Since then I have been suffering from post adventure depression and have been lounging around. So today I decided to go and get some electrotherapy by riding my bike in a thunder storm – actually it was not raining when I left. Any way, Mother Nature protects little children, fools and grown boys who venture out in thunder storms. Within minutes of leaving it started to rain but I continued. By the time I was 5 km out the thunder and lighting started but I continued. At 10 km out the thunder and lighting were going off together right above me – thankfully I had my bowel movement earlier in the morning….

I this point I had turn back home. I decided to continue riding instead of seeking shelter for two reasons. One, I figured that the small surface area my rubber bike tires made to the ground reduced me as a target and two I was riding next to hydro towers which should make a better target then I.

As I write this the sun is shining now the sky is blue – timing is everything. Anyway I will be posting a summary of our adventure in the Ontario 300 over the next few days along with some pictures.