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Currently I am sitting in an internet café – a restaurant really (a very good one called Pescados), rushing before they close to update my blog with stories and photos from the New York to South Africa leg – see below. Tomorrow, Saturday January 17, 2009, we are off sailing to Melbourne Australia; leaving first thing in the morning. The boat is ready and the food is packed.

As an aside, Doug S and I escaped and went for a hike into the mountain by Simon’s Town (the extent of our exploration of South Africa). It gave our legs a good last work out before the sailing trip and it was a pleasure to smell the aroma of the dirt and vegetation before filling our nostrils with salt air.

New York to South Africa (51 of 52)

New York to South Africa (52 of 52)


Website Updated

Unfortunately is has been awhile since I have even looked at my website.  But I have been busy preparing for the sailing trip and the blog has taken a back seat as I prepare.  Also I spent a few days up in Algonquin on a canoe trip.  I’m going to try and post something about that trip along with some pictures next week (hopefully).  I have, finally added the planned route of our trip to my website.

Bike Ride

It has been two days since I got home from sailing in the Ontario 300. Since then I have been suffering from post adventure depression and have been lounging around. So today I decided to go and get some electrotherapy by riding my bike in a thunder storm – actually it was not raining when I left. Any way, Mother Nature protects little children, fools and grown boys who venture out in thunder storms. Within minutes of leaving it started to rain but I continued. By the time I was 5 km out the thunder and lighting started but I continued. At 10 km out the thunder and lighting were going off together right above me – thankfully I had my bowel movement earlier in the morning….

I this point I had turn back home. I decided to continue riding instead of seeking shelter for two reasons. One, I figured that the small surface area my rubber bike tires made to the ground reduced me as a target and two I was riding next to hydro towers which should make a better target then I.

As I write this the sun is shining now the sky is blue – timing is everything. Anyway I will be posting a summary of our adventure in the Ontario 300 over the next few days along with some pictures.

Actual First Post

July 11, 2008 was the first day for the rest of my life.  It was that day that I left my job to follow my dreams.  In October I, along with four others, will sail from Canada to Australia in a 46-foot sailboat.  This blog will chronicle this adventure.  Vist www.reflectivesea.com